Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

Translating Ver Kurosaki

Unit 12
Talking drums

I want to be member of heavy metal band, I love heavy metal drums. I do not Hendry they are too heavy if you ask me. i prefer a more traditional drum like African barrel drums. Barrel drums what are those? They are made with hollow log and animal skins. First they cut down the tree. They cut a section that about they can (tall) as barrel. They stretch in animal skins all over the top and tie to the side with wooden pack. This pack can be tight in to change the pitch. Hmm that sound interesting. In Nigeria, they have talking drum. They use a hollow tree drum that smaller than barrel drums and leave an opening importance. Then they tight an animal skin on each (ant). There is string between each of this ant. When the player hold the drum under () and squezez . it tighten the strength and raises the pitch. Why do the call it talking drum. The drummer is skillful, they can make the drum imitate human voices. They seem to cry, laugh and shout. I like to hear that. Why don’t you come to community college tomorrow. A troop from Africa is giving the concert and they have supposed to have the best drummer in the world. Now that is sound great 

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