Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Opening dan Ending Siaran radio dengan Bahasa Inggris

Announcer1       : Assalamualaikum, wr wb.  107,2 Suara Unisla FM the greatest academic radio~
Announcer2       : hello loyal listeners,,, I am Announcer2
Announcer1       : and I am Announcer1
Announcer2&Announcer1 : we are on Suara UNISLA FM
Announcer1       : we will accompany you all for the next two hours
Announcer2       :English corner of UNISLA is our section today
Announcer1       : I want to say hello and greet to the rector of unisla. And miss.nuril as assistant rector 3 of unisla
Announcer2       : then for all of administration staff of unisla. We would like to say good morning and have a nice day
Announcer1       : the next is for all of my friends that study in UNISLA. Let’s keep our good work
Announcer2       : and our best listeners, don’t forget to stay tune with us
Announcer1       : yes because we will play the song that you want to hear
Announcer2       : we will only play English and America song.
Announcer1       : “ya of course lah”. We are in english corner gitu loh
Announcer2       : hey we have a discussion later. Does it?
Announcer1       : we will, I will tell you and our loyal listeners later, we will discuss it with the guest too
Announcer2       : I can’t waittt,,, I’am afraid. Oh, I almost forget. loyal Listeners, you can send message to request a song or ask question about our topic today on 085777777777 or call our phone on 007
Announcer1       : yep, our topic today is “__________________________________”
 don’t go anywhere listener, we will be right back, after this song

Announcer1&Announcer2 : 107,2 Suara Unisla Fm the Greatest Academic radio.. back on our section, English Corner of Unisla
Announcer2       : yuppp,,, we have discussed ____________________
Announcer1       : it is awesome discussion.
Announcer2       : Amazing
Announcer1       : the only thing that I need now is a closing.
Announcer2       :okeyyyyy,,  thank you for  Mr.Chusnu who give us opportunity to speak here, then for Mr.Dhany, the guests, our caller, and all of loyal listeners.
Announcer1       : I hope our discussion will be useful for us. I can conclude that whatever is that and whenever is that, if we use anything too much. It will be a problem sooner or later.
Announcer2       : we apologize if did something that hurt you. We don’t mean to do it because our concern is only to make you all happy
Announcer1       : Looks like the time is up
Announcer2       : see ya later,
Announcer1       : yup we will meet at the other section on the same day and the same time.
Announcer2&Announcer1 : RnR say , Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. See yaaaa

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