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Contoh Laporan speaking (Conversation With Foreigner Bali Tour 2012)

During my tour, I have spoken some foreigners. They come from many countries, but of course I used English during my conversation. In this report paper will explain and give a main idea of my conversation with foreigners.

Name : Alex
Place : Kuta Beach
Place : kuta beach
Time : 17.16
When I arrived in kuta beach, I met alone foreigner. He is alex. First, I ask him to take photo with me. He asked to me that why I want to take his photo. I thought that he was scary if I have bad willing. Then I just said that I just want to take photo with you. After he agree to take photo with me, my friends came to me and take photo together. I asked his name, then I introduced myself to him. He is nice person. Some of my friends interested on him, then I just said to alex “ see ya later “. I want to look for the other foreigners.

Image1139_副本.jpgName : Marco Robert
Place : Kuta Beach
Time : 17.20
My group was busy with alex, then I looked the other foreigners with 2 member of group. When we spoke foreigners, Small group is more better than big group because small group give more chance to speak. Robert stand alone in kuta beach, so I came to him. i want to give some question to him, but he said he cannot speak English well because he come from brazil. He refused it with smile, so I just want to take photo with him . then we took photo together. i thanked to him then continue my tourism hunting

Image1140_副本.jpgName : Jason
Place : Kuta Beach
Time : 17.35
I looked the foreigner, he played sand. Then I came to him and try to introduce myself to him. I asked him to take photo with me. He accept it. After,  I took photo with him. I tried to ask his name and introduce myself to him. he interested on us, so I continue our conversation. His name is Jason, he comes from berlin , jerman. He is not the native speaker but his English is good as native speaker. He came to bali with his friend, his friend is an Indonesian who study in jerman. I asked to Jason about his job or education. He said that he has a job as window designer or window changer. He asked to me what I am doing in bali, I said that I took holiday and did my task to speak with foreigner. I told him that I am a university students.  I asked to Jason that why he prefer bali as holyday. He said that bali is beautiful island. The beach is so clean. There are many trees around the street or beach. It is different with berlin. He said that in berlin city, many things made him bored because there are so many buildings and people will not enjoy it. That is the first time he went to bali. He will enjoy bali for 2 weeks. Then I ask him why he do not go to hawai or other beach, he said that bali is more better because people in bali are very nice and people can ski on the sea as long as they want. The beach is so wide, so it makes big space to ski on the sea. I spend so much time with him, then I realized that I have to have conversation with the other foreigner. So I thanked to Jason for the time and I continue my foreigner hunting.

02062012361_副本.jpgName : George
Place : Kuta Beach
Time : 17.45
The time was limited, it was almost night. I saw foreigners sitting enjoy the beach. I came to him to take photo with him and then I introduce myself to him. he looked so interesting so I continue my conversation. He is George, he comes from England. He told me that he travelled Asia about 1 years, so he have travelled many vocation place. I ask him that what is the best vocation place in his opinion . He said that Bali is the best vocation place because there are much space for relax and the sea is beautiful, different with Vietnam which the beach is so small then near with street so it makes him uncomfortable. he also like the weather in Bali because the weather in bali is warm, not hot or cold. Different in England, in England he said the weathers are too cold or too hot. If winter comes, the heavy snow storm often comes. In fall, the wind is so cold, it makes our activities bothered. He asked me that have I ever seen snow, I answered that I never see snow but I want to see snow and I will try to make it happen. He asked me about my purpose for going to Bali, I answered that I go to Bali because I have to do my university task, and I enjoy my holiday. he asked me about my faculty, then I said that I am in English Department. He asked me about my favorite girl, I answered that I love Indonesian. He agree with it, he also love Indonesian girl than Japanese or western. I told him about special food in Bali, he have tried some of special food like Nasi Goreng,etc. he didn’t try sate yet, so I suggested to him that he have to try it because it is so delicious. he didn’t know about Arak , but he like to drink beer. we speaked beer and contraction of beer. I don’t know about it so I just smile and let my friend answer it. It was getting dark, I had to back to the bus, so I thanked to him for his time. Then I went to the bus with my friends.

IMG00150-20120603-0618_副本.jpgName : -Sunny
-          Park
Place : bedugul
Time : 14.30
In bedugul most of foreigners are busy. I was getting hard to speak with them. I met 2 foreigner from japan. They are sunny and park. I asked them to take photo with me but they don’t get it. They thought that they have to take my photo. I tried to make it clear with gesture then they understand, so we took photo. They are in hurry,then I thanked to them for the time. Most of foreigners in bedugul don’t want to speak, they are busy.

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  1. Lucky you that you are brave enough to talk with them .-.
    different with me

    1. yes,, i'm lucky but i think you can do it too
      we can do anything as long as we do not give up

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