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Contoh Surat lamaran kerja dengan bahasa inggris

Contoh suram lamaran kerja dengan bahasa inggris

Sunan drajat street No. 160

10 des 2012
Director of PT.Lion Wood
P.O. Box 11 JKPB
Jakarta 19067

Dear Director of PT. Lion Wood
                With reference to the advertisement in KOMPAS on Des 1, 2012, I am writing to apply for the position of chief instructor assistant.
                I am currently a full-time student studying a degree course in handicraft vocational at Surabaya. I am due to graduate in june2011. As you can see from the enclosed CV, I have extensive experience in industrial woodworking. Apart from the formal training I have obtained from my three year course and internship programs , I have had a number of part time jobs which have helped me to gain experience in industrial woodworking. Frequent participation in workshops, competitions and extra-curricular activities involving the subject has also allowed me to develop insight into the area. My professional training at the university requires adaptability and creative use of the resources available to produce and work better in industrial woodworking.
I have stayed 1 month in German. I can speak German language fluency and correctly. I have family in German so I know basic knowledge of German.
                I would like to have the opportunity to discuss this position with you futher. I can be contacted at 0857 3221 9238. Thank you for consideration and I await your reply

Your sincerely,

Ahmad Zainal Abidin 

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