Minggu, 29 April 2012

War Against Biker

War Against Biker Gangs

                Many bikers gang in indonesia do violence action like stealing, fighting each other, damaging facilities, etc. People of indonesia afraid because of biker gang actions. Everyday, number of biker gang victim increase little by little, it makes many medias interest in biker gang actions then the medias declare biker gang actions to the world. The medias try to tell the goverment about the evil group which need to face seriously, so it means we must face biker gangs if we do not want to be the other victim.

                Many biker gang in indonesia but the most dangerous biker gangs is biker gangs from bandung and jakarta city. they stole a supermarket and punch the seller without hesitation even a camera shot on them, they dont care, they just do whatever they want to do. It makes many victims come from jakarta and bandung. Just like Liputan6.com tell The girl with secret name  got violent treathment from the biker gangs and one of them is her boyfriend. The girl with secret name want to know about biker gangs, that is why she make relation with one of biker gang members but unfortunatly she got bad accident. The girl just one of the example actually There are many victims of biker gangs especially in bandung and jakarta city . 

                The government action to face the biker gangs is not efficient and weak especially action of police in bandung and jakarta. Police job is to make the people save from independent problem like biker gangs, but in the fact police do not seriously about it. The policemen from bandung and jakarta know that there many biker gangs but they do not patrol the town everynight. Night is better action to cacht biker gangs because most of them do their action in the night.

Police and military squad is the key of biker gangs problem but there are some member of militarry squad join biker gangs action. Liputan6 program told that there are 3 member of military squad join biker gang actions, but the commander of militarry squad in bandung reject it. The commander of military said “ we will investigate our member and if we find evidence, we will punish our member and kick them from military squad”.

                The people of indonesia are okey if the government do not give good social welfare but the government have to give safe conditon to make the nation. Biker gangs are big enemies. if the government do not take a best way to stop the action of biker gangs, the victim will always increase. Biker gangs are terrorists, we have to fight against them. If we do not, who will?

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