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English story
T h e C o u n t a n d t h e W e d d i n g G u e s t p The Count and the Wedding Guest
ANDY DONOVAN HAD HIS DINNER EACH evening in the house on Second Avenue where he lived in a furnished room. One evening at dinner he met a new guest, a young lady, Miss Conway.
Miss Conway was small and quiet. She was wearing a plain brown dress. She seemed interested in very little except her dinner, and her dinner did not interest her very much. She looked up at Mr. Donovan and spoke his name, and then began to eat again.
Mr. Donovan had a smile that everyone liked. He smiled at her and then thought no more about her.
Two weeks later Andy was sitting outside the house enjoying the cool evening. He heard a movement behind him. He turned his head, and could not turn it back again.
Coming out of the door was Miss Conway. She was wearing a night-black dress of soft, thin cloth. Her hat was black. She was putting black gloves on her hands. There was no white and no color anywhere about her. All black. Someone in her family had died. Mr. Donovan was certain about that.
Her rich golden hair lay soft and thick at the back of her neck. Her face was not really pretty, but her large gray eyes made it almost beauti­ful. She looked up into the sky with an expression of sadness.
All black, readers. Think of her. All black, and that golden hair, and looking sadly far away.
Mr. Donovan suddenly decided to think about Miss Conway. He stood up.
“It’s a fine, clear evening, Miss Conway,” he said.
“It is to them with the heart to enjoy it, Mr. Donovan,” said Miss Conway. She took a deep slow breath.
“I hope no one—no one of your family—has died?”
“Death has taken,” said Miss Conway, “not one of my family, but one who—I must not speak of my troubles to you, Mr. Donovan.”
“Why not, Miss Conway? Perhaps I could understand.”
Miss Conway smiled a little smile. And oh, her face was sadder than when she was not smiling.
“Laugh and the world laughs with you,” she said. “But the world is not interested in sadness. I have learned that, Mr. Donovan. I have no friends in this city. But you have been kind to me. Thank you for it.”
He had done nothing except offer her the salt at dinner.
“It’s not easy to be alone in New York,” said Mr. Donovan. “But when New York is friendly, it’s very friendly. Shall we take a little walk in the park? It might be good for you.”
“Thanks, Mr. Donovan. I would enjoy it. But I don’t want my sadness to make you sad.”
They went through the open gates of the park and found a quiet seat.
“We were going to be married soon,” said Miss Conway. “He was a real Count. He had land and a big house in Italy. Count Fernando Mazzini was his name. My father didn’t want me to marry him. Once we ran away to get married, and my father followed and took me home.
I was afraid they were going to fight.
“But then my father agreed. Fernando went to Italy to make everything ready for me. My father’s very proud. Fernando wanted to give me several thousand dollars for new clothes, and my father said no. When Fernando went away, I came to the city. I work in a shop.
“Three days ago I had a letter from Italy. It said that Fernando had been killed.
“That is why I’m wearing black. My heart has died, Mr. Donovan, with Fernando. I cannot take interest in anyone. I should not keep you from your friends who can smile and enjoy things with you. Shall we walk back to the house?”
Now, readers, if a girl tells a man her heart has died, he wants to make it live again.
“I’m very sorry,” said Mr. Donovan. “No, we won’t walk back to the house yet. And don’t say you have no friends in this city, Miss Conway. I’m your friend, and I want you to believe that.”
“I have his picture here,” said Miss Conway. “I wear it on a chain around my neck. I never showed it to anyone, but I will show it to you, Mr. Donovan. I believe you to be a true friend.”
Mr. Donovan looked for a long time and with much interest at the picture. The face of Count Mazzini commanded interest. It was wise, bright—the face of a strong, happy man who could be a leader of other men.
“I have a larger picture in my room,” said Miss Conway. “When we return, I will show you that. I have nothing more to help me remember Fernando. But he will always live in my heart. I am sure of that.”
Mr. Donovan decided that he wanted to take the Count’s place in Miss Conway’s heart. He did not seem to think he could fail. He would be friendly. He would keep smiling.
When they returned to the house, she ran to her room and brought down the larger picture of the Count. Mr. Donovan looked at it. No one could have guessed what he was thinking.
“He gave me this on the night he left for Italy,” said Miss Conway.
“A fine-looking man,” said Mr. Donovan warmly. “Miss Conway, will you go to Coney Island with me next Sunday afternoon?”
A month later they told the other guests in the house on Second Avenue that they were going to be married. Miss Conway continued to wear black.
A week later the two sat on the same seat in the park. Donovan had had a sad face all day. He was so quiet tonight that Miss Conway had to ask him why.
“What’s wrong tonight, Andy?”
“Nothing, Maggie.”
“You never were like this before. What is it?”
“It’s nothing much, Maggie.”
“Yes, it is; and I want to know. Is it some other girl? Why don’t you go to her, if you want her? Take your arm away.”
“I will tell you then,” said Andy, wisely. “But you will not understand. Have you heard about Mike Sullivan? Everyone calls him ‘Big Mike’ Sullivan.”
“I never heard about him,” said Maggie. “Who is he?”
“He is the most important man in New York. He is a mile high and as broad as the East River. If you say anything bad about Big Mike a million men will be ready to fight you.
“Big Mike is a friend of mine. I am only a little man. But Mike is as good a friend to a little man as he is to a big man. I met him today by chance, and what do you think he did? He came up to me to shake my hand. I told him I was going to be married in two weeks. ‘Andy,’ says he, ‘I will come to the wedding.’ That is what he said to me, and he always does what he says.
“You don’t understand it, Maggie, but I want to have Big Mike Sullivan at our wedding. It would make me very proud.”
“Then why don’t you ask him to come?” said Maggie.
“There’s a reason why I can’t,” said Andy, sadly. “Don’t ask me the reason, for I can’t tell you.”
“But can’t you smile at me?” said Maggie.
“Maggie,” said Andy, after a few minutes, “do you love me as much as you loved Count Mazzini?” He waited a long time, but Maggie did not reply.
And then, suddenly, she put her head against his shoulder and began to cry. She held his arm, and her tears wet the black dress.
“Maggie, Maggie,” said Andy, forgetting his own trouble. “Tell me about it.”
“Andy,” said Maggie. “What I told you was not true, and there never was any Count. There never was a man in love with me. All the other girls had men in love with them. And Andy, I look good in black—you know I do. So I went to a shop where I could buy that picture. And that story about the Count—none of it was true. I said he had died because I wanted to wear black. And no one can love me, because I didn’t tell the truth. I never liked anyone but you. And that’s all.”

But Andy did not move away. Instead, his arm pulled her nearer to him. She looked up and saw that he was smiling.
“Do you—do you still love me, Andy?”
“Sure,” said Andy. “You have made everything fine, Maggie. I hoped you would do it, before the wedding-day. Good girl!”
“Andy,” said Maggie, after a little time, “did you believe all that story about the Count?”
“No, not very much,” said Andy. “Because that is Big Mike Sullivan’s picture that you are wearing on the chain around your neck.” 71


The Count dan Guest PernikahanANDY Donovan DINNER HIS malam SETIAP di rumah di Second Avenue di mana ia tinggal di sebuah kamar furnished. Suatu malam saat makan malam ia bertemu dengan seorang tamu baru, seorang wanita muda, Nona Conway.Nona Conway adalah kecil dan tenang. Dia mengenakan gaun cokelat polos. Dia tampak tertarik sangat sedikit kecuali makan malam, dan makan malam nya tidak minatnya sangat banyak. Dia menatap Pak Donovan dan berbicara namanya, dan kemudian mulai makan lagi.Pak Donovan memiliki senyum yang semua orang menyukai. Dia tersenyum dan kemudian berpikir lagi tentang dia.Dua minggu kemudian Andy sedang duduk di luar rumah menikmati malam dingin. Dia mendengar gerakan di belakangnya. Dia memutar kepalanya, dan tidak bisa mengubahnya kembali lagi.Setelah keluar dari pintu itu Nona Conway. Dia mengenakan gaun malam hitam lembut, kain tipis. Topinya hitam. Dia meletakkan sarung tangan hitam di tangannya. Tidak ada putih dan tidak ada warna di mana saja tentang dia. Semua hitam. Seseorang di keluarganya telah meninggal. Pak Donovan yakin tentang itu.Rambut emasnya yang kaya berbaring lembut dan tebal di bagian belakang lehernya. Wajahnya tidak benar-benar cantik, tapi matanya yang besar nya abu-abu membuatnya hampir beauti ¬ ful. Dia mendongak ke langit dengan ekspresi sedih.Semua, hitam pembaca. Pikirkan tentang dirinya. Semua hitam, dan rambut keemasan, dan tampak sedih jauh.Pak Donovan tiba-tiba memutuskan untuk berpikir tentang Miss Conway. Dia berdiri."Ini malam yang baik jelas, Nona Conway," katanya."Ini adalah untuk mereka dengan hati untuk menikmatinya, Pak Donovan," kata Miss Conway. Dia menarik napas pelan dan dalam."Saya berharap tidak ada orang-tak seorang pun dari Anda keluarga telah meninggal?""Kematian telah diambil," kata Miss Conway, "bukan salah satu dari keluarga saya, tapi satu yang-saya tidak harus berbicara tentang masalah saya kepada Anda, Mr Donovan.""Mengapa tidak, Nona Conway? Mungkin aku bisa mengerti. "Nona Conway tersenyum senyum kecil. Dan oh, wajahnya sedih daripada ketika dia tidak tersenyum."Tertawa dan dunia tertawa dengan Anda," katanya. "Tapi dunia tidak tertarik dalam kesedihan. Saya telah belajar bahwa, Mr Donovan. Saya punya teman di kota ini. Tapi Anda telah baik padaku. Terima kasih untuk itu. "Dia telah melakukan apa-apa kecuali menawarkan padanya garam saat makan malam."Ini tidak mudah untuk menjadi sendirian di New York," kata Mr Donovan. "Tapi ketika New York ramah, itu sangat ramah. Bagaimana kalau kita berjalan-jalan kecil di taman? Ini mungkin baik bagi Anda. ""Terima kasih, Pak Donovan. Aku akan menikmatinya. Tapi aku tidak ingin kesedihan saya membuat Anda sedih. "Mereka pergi melalui pintu gerbang terbuka taman dan menemukan tempat duduk tenang."Kami akan segera menikah," kata Miss Conway. "Dia adalah Count nyata. Ia memiliki tanah dan rumah besar di Italia. Hitung Fernando Mazzini namanya. Ayahku tidak ingin aku menikah dengannya. Setelah kami melarikan diri untuk menikah, dan ayah saya mengikuti dan membawa saya pulang.Aku takut mereka akan melawan."Tapi kemudian ayah saya setuju. Fernando pergi ke Italia untuk membuat semuanya siap untuk saya. Ayah saya sangat bangga. Fernando ingin memberi saya beberapa ribu dolar untuk baju baru, dan ayah saya mengatakan tidak. Ketika Fernando pergi, saya datang ke kota. Saya bekerja di sebuah toko."Tiga hari lalu saya punya surat dari Italia. Ia mengatakan bahwa Fernando telah tewas."Itulah sebabnya aku memakai hitam. Hatiku telah meninggal, Pak Donovan, dengan Fernando. Saya tidak bisa mengambil minat pada siapa pun. Saya seharusnya tidak membuat Anda dari teman Anda yang bisa tersenyum dan menikmati hal-hal dengan Anda. Bagaimana kalau kita berjalan kembali ke rumah? "Sekarang, pembaca, jika seorang gadis menceritakan seorang pria hatinya telah meninggal, dia ingin membuatnya hidup lagi."Saya sangat menyesal," kata Mr Donovan. "Tidak, kami tidak akan berjalan kembali ke rumah belum. Dan jangan katakan Anda tidak memiliki teman-teman di kota ini, Nona Conway. Aku temanmu, dan aku ingin kau percaya bahwa. ""Aku punya fotonya di sini," kata Miss Conway. "Saya memakainya di rantai di leherku. Saya tidak pernah menunjukkan kepada siapa pun, tapi saya akan menunjukkan kepada Anda, Mr Donovan. Saya percaya Anda untuk menjadi teman sejati. "Pak Donovan mencari waktu yang lama dan dengan banyak minat pada gambar. Wajah Count Mazzini memerintahkan bunga. Itu bijaksana, terang-wajah seorang pria, yang kuat yang bahagia bisa menjadi pemimpin laki-laki lain."Aku punya gambar yang lebih besar di kamarku," kata Miss Conway. "Ketika kami kembali, saya akan menunjukkan kepada Anda bahwa. Tak ada lagi untuk membantu saya mengingat Fernando. Tapi dia akan selalu hidup dalam hatiku. Saya yakin akan hal itu. "Pak Donovan memutuskan bahwa ia ingin mengambil tempat Count di hati Nona Conway. Dia tampaknya tidak berpikir ia bisa gagal. Dia akan bersikap ramah. Dia akan tetap tersenyum.Ketika mereka kembali ke rumah, ia berlari ke kamarnya dan meruntuhkan gambar yang lebih besar dari Count. Pak Donovan melihatnya. Tidak ada yang bisa menebak apa yang sedang dipikirkannya."Dia memberi saya ini pada malam ia berangkat ke Italia," kata Miss Conway."Seorang pria yang tampan," kata Mr Donovan hangat. "Nona Conway, akan Anda pergi ke Coney Island dengan saya berikutnya Minggu sore?"Sebulan kemudian mereka mengatakan kepada tamu lain di rumah di Second Avenue bahwa mereka akan menikah. Nona Conway terus memakai hitam.Seminggu kemudian keduanya duduk di kursi yang sama di taman. Donovan memiliki wajah sedih sepanjang hari. Dia begitu tenang malam ini bahwa Miss Conway harus bertanya mengapa."Apa yang salah malam ini, Andy?""Tidak ada, Maggie.""Kau tidak pernah seperti ini sebelumnya. Apa itu? ""Ini tidak banyak, Maggie.""Ya, itu, dan aku ingin tahu. Apakah itu beberapa gadis lain? Kenapa kau tidak pergi dengannya, jika Anda ingin dia? Ambil lengan Anda pergi. ""Saya akan memberitahu Anda kemudian," kata Andy, bijak. "Tapi kau tidak akan mengerti. Pernahkah Anda mendengar tentang Mike Sullivan? Semua orang menyebutnya 'Big Mike' Sullivan. ""Aku tidak pernah mendengar tentang dia," kata Maggie. "Siapa dia?""Dia adalah orang yang paling penting di New York. Dia adalah satu mil dan seluas East River. Jika Anda mengatakan hal buruk tentang Big Mike satu juta orang akan siap untuk melawan Anda."Big Mike adalah teman saya. Saya hanya orang kecil. Tapi Mike adalah sebagai baik teman bagi seorang pria kecil karena ia adalah seorang pria besar. Aku bertemu dengannya hari ini secara kebetulan, dan apa yang Anda pikir dia lakukan? Dia datang kepada saya untuk menjabat tanganku. Aku bilang aku akan menikah dalam dua minggu. "Andy," katanya, "Saya akan datang ke pernikahan." Itu adalah apa yang dia katakan kepada saya, dan dia selalu melakukan apa yang dia katakan."Kau tidak mengerti, Maggie, tapi aku ingin memiliki Big Mike Sullivan pada pernikahan kami. Ini akan membuat saya sangat bangga. ""Lalu kenapa kau tidak meminta dia datang?" Kata Maggie."Ada alasan mengapa saya tidak bisa," kata Andy, sedih. "Jangan tanya saya alasannya, karena aku tidak bisa memberitahu Anda.""Tapi kau tidak bisa tersenyum padaku?" Kata Maggie."Maggie," kata Andy, setelah beberapa menit, "apakah engkau mengasihi Aku sebanyak yang Anda cintai Hitungan Mazzini?" Dia menunggu waktu yang lama, tapi Maggie tidak menjawab.Dan kemudian, tiba-tiba, ia meletakkan kepalanya di bahu dan mulai menangis. Dia memegang lengannya, dan air matanya membasahi gaun hitam."Maggie, Maggie," kata Andy, melupakan masalah sendiri. "Ceritakan tentang hal itu.""Andy," kata Maggie. "Apa yang saya katakan itu tidak benar, dan tidak pernah ada hitungan apapun. Tidak pernah ada seorang pria jatuh cinta dengan saya. Semua gadis-gadis lain memiliki pria jatuh cinta dengan mereka. Dan Andy, saya terlihat baik dalam warna hitam-kau tahu aku lakukan. Jadi saya pergi ke sebuah toko di mana saya bisa membeli gambar itu. Dan cerita tentang tidak Count-itu benar. Saya mengatakan dia meninggal karena aku ingin memakai warna hitam. Dan tidak ada yang bisa mencintaiku, karena aku tidak mengatakan yang sebenarnya. Aku tidak pernah menyukai siapa pun kecuali Anda. Dan itu semua. "
Tapi Andy tidak menjauh. Sebaliknya, lengannya menariknya lebih dekat kepadanya. Dia mendongak dan melihat bahwa ia tersenyum."Apakah kau-kau masih mencintaiku, Andy?""Tentu," kata Andy. "Anda telah membuat semuanya baik-baik, Maggie. Saya berharap Anda akan melakukannya, sebelum hari pernikahan-. Gadis baik! ""Andy," kata Maggie, setelah sedikit waktu, "kau percaya semua cerita tentang Count?""Tidak, tidak terlalu banyak," kata Andy. "Karena itu adalah gambar Big Mike Sullivan bahwa Anda mengenakan pada rantai di leher Anda." 71

cara analisis dengan basis literatur dapat dilakukan melalui 7 tahap sesuai dengan tugas saya
1. merangkum semua cerita menjadi kurang lebih 400 kata. cukup dengan mengambil bagian-bagian penting anda dapat merangkum dengan mudah

2. menentukan bagian alur dari cerita dengan ilmu sastra dan dijelaskan (analizy plot)
ada beberapa macam plot dalam cerita
a. expositition : bagian dimana cerita berawal atau hampir sama dengan orientasi dimana ada perkenalan character dan perngenalan setting
b. rising action : bagian dimana masalah-masalah mulai bermunculan
c. climax : bagian yang paling intensif dan paling seru karena dukungan dari rising action
d. falling action : bagian dimana masalah mulai meredah
e. sable situation : bagian dimana masalah terselesaikan

3. menentukan bagaimana plot berjalan dan bagaimana cara penulis menutup ending
cara plot berjalan ada 3 : maju, maju mundur dan mundur
cara menutup ending ada 2 : close ending (jelas), open ending (tidak jelas)

4. menentukan subjek dan tema, subjek itu seperti ulasan kecil untuk cerita

5. menganalisa character-character pada cerita, meliputi protagonis, antagonis, tritagonis

6. menganalisa bahasa dari cerita meliputi konotasi dan denotasi, imagery, language feature

7. menganalisa konflik pada cerita, contoh man vs man, man vs self, dll

dan masih banyak yang lain yang bisa dikembangkan lagi.

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