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Increasing the price of petrol

Increasing the price of petrol

At 1 marth 2012 the government of Indonesia will increase the price of petrol. Many people hate this policy and they did many demonstration to stop this policy but it was useless, because the government just assume that demonstration as a show then they just sit and smile. People of Indonesia afraid that their social welfare will be on big problem if price of petrol increase. That is why they did many demonstration  but it was just a show. We can’t stop it. Do we can do something? Is our social welfare on big trobel? What should we do? Then lets find the answer

I am not in government side nor haters side neither. I am on my own side. I will give you the reasons why government increase price of petrol and also the reasons why haters disagree with that policy, so we can find conclusion then we will understand the situation and we will know what we do.

The government has many reasons to increase the price of petrol. First, The price of petrol in international market is very expensive and it decrease many  government money. Second, the price of petrol of Indonesia is the most cheapest in ASEAN countries, that is why government need to increase price of petrol in Indonesia if this policy don’t do, mafia will buy many Indonesia petrol then sell it to other ASEAN country. It will be a big trobel too, isn’t?. third most of people who enjoy subsidy of petrol is rich people not poor people, because rich people use car and they need more petrol more than poor people because rich people always go to far place to enjoy their life or do their job. This is a big problem too, right? Government will give direct subsidy for poor people. So poor people wont suffer because of this policy. The government will find list of poor people in raskin documents and also they will add more list of poor people by do many survey to make this policy good for many aspect of people.

                The government has strong reason. We cannot say that our government is bad and don’t have a heart, we have to know the government reason . After read that reasons maybe we can think about their reasons are strong reason but haters of this policy has strong reason too.

                Many social organization hate this policy. They have many reasons . first, money of government are so much and much of money throw away because many unimportant buildings is built and the government did many unimportant  tours for member of DPR/MPR. This reason makes people angry and they said “ why does the government blame subsidy of petrol? The problem is their stomach”. Many people said that sentence and the government just ignore it. Second, Indonesia rich of oil mine and then we must don’t have relation with international price of petrol even we don’t prosess that oil mine by ourselves but we get the oil from that oil mine because it is our oil mine. Again and again government just stand and smile for this reason. Third , direct subsidy for people wont work because just 60% of people who get this subsidy and most of them cant get this subsidy easely. That is why people disagree with this policy. They try to say what in their feeling but they don’t have chance agains government but it doesn’t mean people cannot do anything. They can do many thing and solve this problem without violence.
                Now we can understand both side and now we can conclude that agree or disagree, we have to accept it and those who choose them to be our government are us, so cant blame them. Lets blame ourselver because we choose them to be our government. We can use many trick to solve this problem. If motor cycle always increase and often used everyday, petrol will decrease and we have to pay it. How about bicycle? Bicycle don’t need petrol. We can start use bicycle and  decrease of using petrol. That is we can do. Lets think as a wise person

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