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Basic Principles of write the test

Basic Principles of write the test

There are three principles of arrange a test commonly. They are :

1.       Validity : is a tool to measure what must be measured or we can say that there is only one aspect on each question. For example if we want to give students test about reading, so what we concern is only on reading. Validation consist of 3 element, they are :
a.       Content validity : the content is right, if the test is concerned to writing so the question should consist of writing stuff
b.      Face validity : it deals with position of questions
c.       Construct validity : it deals with the language of the test.

2.       Reliability : is a tool to measure precision of the result of studying and deal with consistency of the result. There are 2 requirement of reliability. They are internal reliability and external reliability.
a.       Internal reliability is  homogeneity level of the question or test
b.      External reliability is score level of each group of students, in the case that their intelligent is same 

3.       Usability : this principle consists of administration factor, tools, equipments and interpretation.

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