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macam-macam affixes yang diawali huruf "A"

a(n)-                      not , without      atonality , asexuality , amoral , anarchy
ab-                         away     abduction , absolutism , ablution
acr(o)-                  high, up                Acropolis
aer(o)- air           aeronautics , aerodrome , aeroplane , aerodynamics
agr(o)-                  relating to farming           agriculture
an(a)-                    out of    anachronism
andr-                     man       androgyny , androcentrism , android , androgen
Anglo-                   English or British               Anglo-Irish relations, anglophile
ante-                     before antebellum
anthrop(o)-        relating to human beings anthropology , anthropocentrism , anthropomorphic
ant(i)-                   against antidote , antibody , anticlockwise
aut(o)-                  self         autonomy , autobiography , automobile , autopilot

Prefix                    Meaning              Examples
a-            also an-                not, without       atheist, anaemic
a -           to, towards         aside, aback       in the process of, in a particular state     
a-hunting, aglow
a-                                            of            a new completely  abashed
ab- also abs-       away, from         abdicate, abstract
ad- also a-, ac-, af-, ag- al-, an-, ap-, at- as-, at-  
movement to, change into, addition or increase advance,            adulterate, adjunct, ascend, affiliate, affirm, aggravate, alleviate, annotate, apprehend, arrive, assemble, attend
ante-                     before, preceding           antecedent, ante-room
anti- ,ant-            opposing, against, the opposite                                anti-aircraft, antibiotic, anticlimax, Antarctic.


-1            Not or without.
a-2          Towards, of, in, into or at; marking some ongoing process or state; movement onwards or away.
-a1          Forming singular words of various types.
-a2          The plural of certain nouns of Latin or Greek origin.
-a3          Informal terms in spoken English.
ab-         Off, away, or from.
abdomin(o)-      The abdomen.
-able      Able to be.
abs-       See ab-
-ac          Forming adjectives and nouns.
ac-          See ad-
-acal       See -ac
acanth(o)-           Spiny or thorny.
acar(o)-                A mite or tick.
-acea     Groups of animals.
-aceae  Families of seed-bearing plants.
-acean  See -acea
-aceous                Forming adjectives.
acet(o)-                Acetic acid or the acetyl group.
acid(o)-                Acid; sharp or sour.
-acious  Inclined to, given to, or having as a capacity.
acoust(o)-           Sound or hearing.
acr(o)-  A tip, height, or extremity.
acryl(o)-               Acrylic.
actin(o)-               A ray or beam.
-acusis  A condition of the hearing.
-acy        See -cy
ad-         Motion or direction to; reduction or change into; addition, increase, or intensification.
-ad1       Collective numerals; nymphs.
-ad2       Indicating a direction towards some part of the body.
-ade       Denoting an action, its result, or something associated with it.
aden(o)-              A gland.
adip(o)-                Fat or fatty tissues.
-ado       Forming a variety of words based on Portuguese, Spanish, or Italian originals.
adren(o)-            The adrenal glands.
-ae         Forming plurals.
-aemia  A substance present in the blood, especially in excess.
aer(o)-  Air or another gas; the atmosphere; aircraft.
af-          See ad-
afore-   Before or previously.
Afro-     Africa; African and …
ag-          See ad-
-age       Forming nouns.
-agogue               Leading or promoting.
-agra      Pain in some part of the body.
agro-     Farming; cultivation.
-aholic   A person excessively fond of something.
-aire       A person characterized by or linked to the idea in the stem.
-akusis  See -acusis
al-           See ad-
-al1         Forming adjectives and some nouns.
-al2         An aldehyde.
alb-        White or bright.
aldo-      An aldehyde.
-ales      Orders of plants.
-algia     Pain, usually in a specified part of the body.
algo-      Pain.
-alia        A collection or group.
-ality      See -ity
all(o)-    Other; different.
alumin(o)-           Aluminium.
-ama      See -orama
ambi-    On both sides; around.
amid(o)-              The CONH2- group in chemical compounds.
amino-  The amine group, NH2—.
amnio-  The amnion.
amph(i)-              Variously two, both, on both sides, or around.
amyl(o)-               Starch.
-an         See -ian
an-         See a-1, ad-, and ana-
-ana       Things associated with a person, place, or field of interest.
an(a)-    Variously up, back, or again.
-ance     A state or quality; a process or action.
anchylo-               See ankylo-
-and       A person or thing to be treated in a specified way.
andr(o)-               Male or maleness.
-androus              Maleness.
-ane1    Saturated straight-chain (aliphatic) hydrocarbons.
-ane2    Forming adjectives.
anem(o)-             The wind.
-aneous               See -ous
angi(o)-                Blood or seed vessels.
-angium               A container.
Anglo-   English or British; English or British and …
anis(o)-                Unequal, asymmetrical, dissimilar.
ankylo- Bent or crooked; stiff or fixed.
-ant        Forming adjectives and nouns.
ante-     Before or preceding.
antero- Nearer the front of the body; forward in time.
anth(o)-               A flower or flowers.
anthrac(o)-         Coal or carbon; a carbuncle.
anthrop(o)-        Human, or of a human being.
-anthropy            Human, or humankind.
ant(i)-   Acting against, resisting, or opposing something; the opposite or reverse of something.
ap-         See ad-
apic(o)-                A point or apex.
apo-       Away from; separate from.
après-   A period following some activity.
aqua-    Water.
ar-          See ad-
-ar1        Forming adjectives.
-ar2        Forming nouns.
arachn(o)-           A spider or spiders.
-arama  See -orama
arbor(i)-               A tree or trees.
-arch      See -archy
arch-      Chief; principal; pre-eminent of its kind.
archaeo-              Ancient or prehistoric times.
arche-   See arch-
-archy   Government; rule of a particular type; a chief or ruler.
-ard        Forming nouns.
areo-     The planet Mars.
argent(o)-           Silver.
-arian    Forming adjectives and corresponding nouns.
-arious  Connected with; pertaining to.
-arium   A place or container connected with, or employed for, some purpose.
-aroo     See -eroo
arsen(o)-             Arsenic.
-art         See -ard
arteri(o)-             An artery.
arthr(o)-              A joint.
-ary1      Forming nouns.
-ary2      Forming adjectives.
as-          See ad-
asc(o)-  A bag or sac.
-ase       An enzyme.
-asis       A disease or other medical condition.
-ast        A person connected with a pursuit or activity.
-aster    Inferior; a poor imitation.
astr(o)- A star or other celestial body; outer space; star-shaped.
at-          See ad-
-ata        See -a2
-atable  See -ate3
-ate1     Forming nouns.
-ate2     Forming adjectives.
-ate3     Forming verbs.
-ateria   See -teria
ather(o)-             An atheroma.
-athon  An event long in duration, usually for fund-raising purposes.
-ati         Groups of people.
-atic       Forming adjectives, and some nouns.
-atile      Possibility, potential, or ability.
-ation    An action, or an instance of an action.
-ative    Characteristic or predisposed.
-ator      See -or1
-atory    See -ory1 and -ory2
atto-      In units of measurement, a factor of 10-18.
audi(o)-                Hearing or sound.
aur(i)-   Gold.
Austro-1              Austria; Austria and …
Austr(o)-2           Australia; Australia and …; southern.
aut(o)-1               Self; oneself; by itself.
auto-2   An automobile or motor vehicle.
aux(o)- Growth or increase.
avi-         A bird or birds; flight.
axo-       An axis.
az(o)-    Nitrogen; the chemical radical -N=N-.
-azole    See -ole1

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