Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

As long as we do not give up

As long as we do not give up.

We have hard job in this years, we can’t do anything if we give up easily. As long as we do not give up, we can do anything. trust it, you will find the biggest power that you never fell before. This is the article which shows you how to use this principle and make it as great power for ourselves.

                I got the statement “ we can do anything as long as we do not give up” from Wild ARM 5. It is kind of RPG (Role Play Game), that is why, it contains many knowledge. In this story, a young boy named Dean try to change the world which has much lack of justice. He try to break down the wall between noble and normal people. The key of his success is “he never give up to do it”. Maybe this is just a story but we can use it too.

                Come to think, we want to get a job but we never try to send our application letter because we afraid of being failed or lose. So we give up before we try it. Do you think that we will get a job if we always do it? That is why we need to do it. If we fail, we can try the other ones. If we fail again, then lets try the other ones again. Just keep in your mind that “ we can do anything if we don’t give up.

                Sometimes if we push ourselves too hard, we will be stress. Okey, we don’t give up but don’t push yourself too hard. It will be bad for your heart. Every person have their own limitation so you have to know your limitation before you push yourself to do what you desire. Our heart will effect our healthy. when our heart is sick so we will have healthy problem too. Usually, if we have heart problem we will have stomachaches.

                So just don’t give up to get what you want to get. Keep in your mind “ we can do anything if we don’t give up”.

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