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The Role of green and clean competition between neighborhood

Role of green and clean competition between neighborhood
“ to reach Negeriku Green “

Neighborhood competition is held by government ,in order to reach “ Negeriku Green”. It is called Neighborhood green and clean competition. in indonesia, it is called “ kompetisi green and clean Rukun Tetangga”. Green and clean competition between neighborhoods can increase people knowledge about environment. People can do some alternatives that will help environment to recover from its damaged. As we know, our environment is damaged by pollutant. According to Syarif A.B (2010), pollutant is things that make pollution on air. If our air is corrupted by pollution, it will be dangerous for us. Syarif A.B (2010) state that lack of social felling on people in Indonesian damage environment and the others aspect. With green and clean competition, I can see clear future for all of Indonesian. Because it is neighborhood competition, so everybody will understand and follow it more easily. I got some of prove that I will show to you. The role of green and clean competition between neighborhood is very important and cool.

Knowledge of environment is very important part to reach “Negeriku Green”.  unfortunately, most of people do not know and do not have chance to get the knowledge. They do bad activities for environment because do not know the effect of it. For example, Syarif A.b (2010) state that one of pollution in river is come from domestic trash  Recently. Green and clean competition between neighborhood increases people knowledge about environment. They make some facilities that will be able to support recovery of environment. For example they make garbage bank, they plant many flowers around their houses, they make community for environment sake. In Jogjakarta city, there is community for people who live near Code river, this community try to take care of cleanness of Code river. It is neighborhood competition, that is why people easily understand with their own community. I think this is the best way to make people understand about environment

When people knowledge increase, now, this is turn for environment increase as well . it is obvious that people who have knowledge about environment will try to apply their knowledge on their life. In Lamongan, people use many alternatives to enjoy their life. The alternatives do not harm environment because they know what the good alternatives is. Green and clean competition between neighborhood also makes the environment fill with plants. You can see it on street around participation. Flowers, grass, trees, are most of object that you will see. Fresh air, butter fly, good water are the thing that you can enjoy. Environment of the participation is very different with no participation. Just do not try to throw away trash recklessly. People will be angry with you if you throw away a trash recklessly. They care about their environment. That is why, they prepare trash can along the road. It is so amazing.

The alternatives are very competence alternatives. For example, when they want to throw away shit of animals. They prefer to make it as fertilizer rather than throw away it on a river. The other example is they make decoration from garbage around. They can make bag from trash, they can make ring from trash, they can make it together. It is very cool that they make many alternatives correctly. Even so they want to get the price but realize it or not. It is the step to make good culture of our people. In Lamongan, people use an annoying plant which called “ Enceng Gondok” as an alternatives. They make many goods from it. Also, many people interest on it.

When people take care of environment and treat it as a friend, the water which is part of environment will be more useful because its function is increase. According to Dr.Masaru the power of water is come from our attitude. He try to bottle 2 water come from same source, then he give one of the bottle good sentence like thank you. And next bottle is given by the bad sentence like I hate you. The result is the water which given with good sentence formed as beautiful crystal and the water which given with bad sentence have unformed crystal. It is abvious, that the water will be more healthy if we treat it with good attitude. Even so it is not life. but looks like it has its own heart. Human have 70% water part, so development of water quality is important. Green and clean competition between neighborhood is very suitable for this case.

When people do something together, their relation will increase as well. on green and clean competition between neighborhood, there are many activities which need team work. You know that Indonesian people lack of relationship especially for those who live in town. They will make bond that they never get if they do not join in green and clean competition between neighborhood. With strong bond between each person, it will make great bond to environment too. Those who have same direction and same purpose to take care of environment will be very easy to do their project. Human being is social creature. That is why human cannot do all activities alone .

play ground for children will also increase if people join green and clean competition between neighborhood. Not only play ground but also places for adult or old people will also provided with automatic. Because if environment is clean, there is place for dirty place so we can use as much as we want because everything is clean. It happen on Lamongan ciry, there is an RT which all of the places around it is so clean. It makes me feel so relax and I always go past it if I want to go somewhere else.

Green and clean competition between neighborhood has important role to reach “ Negeriku Green”. The next project for the competition is more over widely used by all of Indonesian. Most of town know about the competition but to make it more reality, it needs great support from government and people. The competition is very important and useful. Together we can make it happen, “ Negeriku Grean” will not be a dream only. We have to do it. We can do anything as long as we do not give up. :D

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