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Example of Lesson Plan Teaching Project

Lesson Plan Teaching Project

School                   :Elementary School
Lesson                  :English
Class/semester : Class 6/ Semester 2
Material               : Gallery
Place/time          :  MI Murni Sunan drajat/ 07.00-07.45

A . Standard competence
1 . communicate with English beginner
B . Basic competence
1 . 1 understand about basic speaking on life
C . indication
1.       Understand about what Gallery is
2.       Can make something in Gallery
3.       Able to speak and practice when in Gallery
4.       Able to find explicit and implicit meaning
D . Target
1.       To make students speak fluency and understand about Gallery or exhibition.
E.  Equipment for teaching
1 . dialog on Gallery
2 . Gallery Properties ( Picture, statue, unique things, ID card,etc)
3 . Photos of Gallery

F . Method of Teaching
1 . Warming UP  (10 minutes)
After giving salam or greeting. The teacher should put out the properties of gallery and show it to the students. If students could understand and mention the properties, it means they are good enough to understand this material. Divide your students class to 5 group. Then Ask each of group to get Gallery stuff, at least they get 4 properties (picture, Unique Things, Statue, relief, etc) . They can borrow it from other class or make it by their own creativities (5 minute enough to get gallery stuff).
2 . MAIN ( 20 minutes )
After all of groups get the gallery properties. Give them the example of dialog in Gallery (a papper). And ask one of them to read it
The gallery was tiny and had really low ceilings. Poor deno had to be careful she didn’t smack her head on any of light that dangled from ceiling. We carefully walked past minuscule sculptures in the perpex boxes, painting covered in sticks and leaves, tapestries of grey coloured people and a couple of wooden puppets sitting in pot plant.
Sonia                     : Hello, My darling
Thanee                                 : Mum, this is Allison, Maddy and Deno
Sonia                     : Hello, my dear. It is lovely to have you here.
Thanee                                 : so, mum,  what do we get to do first?Carry Drinks? Food? Prepare stuff?
Sonie                     : actually, my darling. I would like you all to go into the kitchen at the back of the gallery, and get changed. Then you all will be a guide on my exhibition.
( they jumped to the costume)
Mandy                  : Hey , our first guests have arrived
Allison                   : let’s guide them
Thanee                 : let’s go
( they head to the first guests)
. . . . .

After that give them task to continue the dialog. Each of group must add the guests dialog . the guests should ask “what is this”, “how much does it cost ?”. and also each of group should add dialog of mandy or Allison or Thanee. The condition of gallery should be made by all of gallery properties that groups have  

3 . Presentation ( 10 minutes)
2/3 group should present their works. They must show their dialog and make it life with Drama presentation. The place should be made like a real gallery by all of the gallery properties.

4 . Evaluation (5 minutes )
Give the reward to the group which has best performance. And ask all of the students answer your question according the dialog that they have added by their own groups. It will be the homework for the students
The question is
“How many are characters in the dialog?”
“ who is/are the characters on the dialog”
 what does sonia want after thane introduce her friend?”
 who is Sonia for Thanee ? “
“ what is the name of the guests? “

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