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Popular ideas about language learning: fact and opinions

Popular ideas about language learning: fact and opinions :
here are some ideas about language learning

1. language are learned mainly through imitation
2. parent usually correct young children when they make grammatical errors
3.  people with high IQs are good language learners
4. the most important factor in second language acquisition success in motivation
5. the earlier a second language is introduced in school programs, the greater the likelihood of success in learning
6. most of mistakes which second language learners make are due to interference from their first language
7. teachers should present grammatical rules one at a time, and learners should practice example of each one before going on to another
8. Teacher should teach simple language structures before complex ones
9. learners' errors should be corrected as soon as they are made in order to prevent the formation of bad habits
10. Teachers should use materials that expose students only to language structures which they have already been taught
11.  when learners are allowed to interact freely (group or pair activities), they learn each others' mistakes
12. students learn what they are taught

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